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The Ruptured Duck
Sunday, January 21, 2018 Register
  Saturday at the Bar and Grill  

It's just another Saturday at the Bellevue Vets.  On this day, at 3:00, Kentucky played Vanderbilt (84-70, our guys).  What better time to treat the bar to some fried fish.

Kris and Chuck fired up the stove, heated up the oil and started frying.

Today's catches were walleye and lake trout.  Breaded with Weisenberger's finest batter (http://www.weisenberger.com/), the fish cooked up crispy and golden.  With Shane doing the running, and Al and Killer just standing around watching, Kris and Chuck fed everyone in the bar...and then some.  To top it off, Kris pan-fried some walleye tail fillets.

Stop down at the Vets....you never know what's cooking.

  Frying Fish  
Pan-fried walleye
Fry that Fish
Kris in the Kitchen
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